KU Solar Car is a student-led non-profit organization at the University of Kansas. Our goals are to develop solar-powered vehicles that raise awareness of clean energy, participate in international solar car competitions, and demonstrate technological efficiency paired with interdisciplinary cooperation.


The team is currently working to develop KU’s first, to-scale, solar-powered electric vehicle. Our team is made up of students representing a diverse set of academic majors organized to facilitate individual growth in hands-on engineering, business development, and project management. The team appreciates your support to not only develop well-rounded students but also serve as educators on the value of clean technology at KU.


Michael Srimongkolkul

Program Director 

Alexa Wildy

Mechanical Lead

Mackenzie Marco


Spencer King

Aeroshell Lead

Alex Ottinger

Solar Lead

Davis Nguyen

Karl Director

Nick Kellerman

Control Systems and Power Distribution Lead

Drake Prebyl

Telemetry Lead

David Dahl

Souler Director



The Aeroshell team is responsible for designing and building the composite aerodynamic shell that surrounds the car. The fiberglass and resin composite is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. 


The Business team manages fundraising, sponsor relations, recruitment, marketing, and community outreach. Business maintains the non-engineering aspects of our organization, which allows for the rest of the team to successfully build the vehicle.

Control Systems

The Control Systems team is responsible for motor control and driver controls like throttle, regenerative braking, horn, headlights, and turn signals. They also manage the protection circuitry that can ensure the safety of the driver in emergency circumstances. 


The Mechanical team designs and builds the mechanical subsystems of the car. This includes the chassis, suspension, propulsion, aerodynamic shell, and controls. These subsystems are designed to ensure the safety of the driver and to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle.

Power Distribution

The Power Distribution team is responsible for safely and efficiently transferring energy to the electrical system from stored energy in the battery pack and energy produced by the solar arrays.


The Solar team manufactures and develops the solar arrays that will be used to charge the vehicle. The solar subteam provides opportunities to learn about the design and manufacturing of energy generation systems using solar power


The Telemetry team gathers data from a variety of sensors in the car such as the battery, motor, and GPS. The most relevant data, such as battery charge and speed, are displayed to the driver. The bulk of the data is transmitted over 4G so it can be viewed remotely in realtime and analyzed later.


Professor DeAgostino

Thomas DeAgostino is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at KU. He received his BSME from Michigan Technological University and his Master’s degree in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Professor DeAgostino has over 25 years of experience from Ford and General Motors. We are grateful to have him as our advisor!