While our goal for 2020 is to finish our car. The 2020 solar race was going to be the Formula Sun Grand Prix but due to COVID-19 was postponed. Held at the Circuit of the Americas, a renowned Formula One race track in Austin, TX. The race includes universities’ solar teams from across the country competing in a grand prix format, where the goal is to complete the most laps in three days. The race tests a car's durability and performance and passing it earns the team a ticket to the 2020 American Solar Challenge (ASC). Route: Heartland Motorsports Park


An event occurring in only even-numbered years, the American Solar Challenge (ASC), covers a different route each time. Routes from the past have included Ohio to South Dakota, Texas to Minnesota, and Chicago to Los Angeles. Its goal is to give teams a look into the country and the public a close-up view of futuristic alternative modes of transportation. Our goal is to pass scrutineering and compete in the race. Route: TBD

  University of Kansas, School of Engineering, West 15th Street, Lawrence, KS, USA

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