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Winter Update

Hi everyone! Here’s a cool winter blog post detailing some of the things we’ve been doing break. This post will cover the weekend of 1/3/20. We’ll split the progress by subteam!


We got new shelves! We have yet to populate them.

We’ve received a bunch of stuff we ordered using our Pepsi funding!


The battery pack sort of involves both the mechanical and electrical subteams so I wasn’t sure where to put this. The battery pack enclosure is made ¼” polycarbonate that was glued with Scigrip 16 weld on using corner clamps and normal clamps. Hopefully, it doesn’t break!

For the composite aeroshell, we’ve been working on making a ¼ scale prototype of the middle part of our shell. It’s been a great learning experience and will prepare us for manufacturing the real shell. Big shoutouts to Owen Li (the person on the left), the engineering director of Calsol, UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team, for coming in from Manhattan during the break to help us out. He’s been a huge help with designing and manufacturing our composite aeroshell.

We’ve recently decided to learn CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to analyze the aerodynamics of our aeroshell in hopes of us making sure our car doesn’t fly, flip over, and have too much drag.


For electrical, we plan to manufacture our battery pack and figure out our BPS (battery protection system) by the end of the break.

We have finally organized our cells so that they will be ready to spot weld into 34 16 cell modules. We hope to spot weld them next week at Spear Power Systems who have generously offered donated time to use their spot welder.

Lithium-ion batteries are very dangerous so we have to electrically isolate them from possible short circuits while we transport them to spotweld.

Here, Nick Kellerman, our power lead is working on tapping voltage from our BPS onto one of our test modules. We hope to be able to read data from the batteries through the BPS.

Michael Srimongkolkul // KU Solar Car Program Lead

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