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Welcome to the official blog of the KU Solar Car Team!

Welcome to the first official blog post on the brand new University of Kansas Solar Car website! We have been working very diligently and are now very excited to share our progress with everyone. But first, a little bit more about the KU Solar Car Team:

KU Solar Car Team Picture

The KU Solar Car Team was founded in late 2017 by, Michael Srimongkolkul, Lance Erickson and Zachary Hall. The KU Solar Car Team's mission is, "To research, design, and build solar-powered vehicles to compete in races across the nation and to promote interdisciplinary cooperation and learning for students throughout the university." Although the KU Solar Car Team was founded with very few members, the team continues to grow. In late October, we currently have 30 active team members.

The KU Solar Car Team's members are all apart of four smaller sub-teams: the Business, Electrical, Solar, and Mechanical sub-teams. (Sub-Team leaders in order: Nikhil Biju, Branden Taylor, Lance Erickson, and Thomas Wilkinson) Each sub-team meets weekly to work on goals separate to their area-specific team but all sub-teams work together as the KU Solar Car Team. Our current first project as the KU Solar Car Team is to develop KU's first ever to scale, Solar-powered Electric Vehicle. We plan to enter the car into the American Solar Challenge and Formula Sun Grand Prix in the summer of 2020.

Recent development updates include:

Throughout the fall semester, the Business sub-team has worked on securing funding to begin the purchasing of materials for the first Solar-powered Electric Vehicle.

The Solar sub-team has been working to perfect the solar array manufacturing process and have produced multiple working arrays.

Our Electrical sub-team completed making a lithium-ion battery pack for a ride on a toy car and is completing research and development for the electrical systems of the car.

On Monday, October 29, 2018, the Mechanical sub-team presented the first Design Review to the entire KU Solar Car team and community. (A blog post on this event is on its way.)

KU Solar Car First Design Review

As the Solar Car Team continues the work and development of its first Solar-powered Electric Vehicle, we plan to keep the public updated. Look forward to blog posts from the Business sub-team here every two weeks. Weekly updates will be posted to social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The KU Solar Car Team greatly appreciates and thanks everyone for the continued support. We are only beginning.

Hayden Barnes, Business Sub-Team Media Lead

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