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The IEF Solar Car Conference

Hey everyone, welcome to KUSC 2019! Recently the KU Solar Car Team attended the Innovators Educators Foundation Solar Car Conference in St. Louis. While at the conference, the team leaders gained many new skills and methods for improving our organization. Below are a few quotes and updates from the team leads:

The team leads at the IEF Solar Car Conference

"The conference was a great experience for me because I learned many valuable skills that I can use to guide my team towards reaching our goals, such as project management, effective leadership, outreach and logistics, public relations, and entrepreneurship." ~Nikhil Kanukolanu

"It was a great opportunity to learn what truly goes behind building a solar car. We learned a lot of management and leadership skills that we are excited to implement into our team." ~Nikhil Biju

"We met several other teams and gained perspective on running a solar car team, designing a car, and the realistic potential of our team." ~ Eric Higgins

"Going to the IEF conference was eye-opening. New and old teams alike showed up to represent their schools. The community that was there was one of support and collaborative innovation. Moving forward, our team will be able to implement strategies and technologies that will bring our car to a globally competitive level." ~ Lance Erickson

"The conference was a great investment for the team. Learning and networking with other teams was an invaluable experience." ~ Michael Srimongkolkul

// Hayden Barnes ~ KUSC Media Lead

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