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Spring Break 2020 Update

Our dream of completing KU’s first-ever Solar Car is only months away. Every single one of our members has been working hard to reaching this goal, even through these troubling and confusing times. Since winter break, we have made massive progress through the early months of the spring semester. Here are some individual subteam updates:

General Team: Since the beginning of this project, fundraising has been a key priority for this team. So far this semester, our team has received the last 5% of our needed donations and sponsorships and raised money through campus fundraising opportunities such as stadium cleanups.

Mechanical Team: Up until recently, we have been prototyping with composites, and have begun actual composite layups. Additionally, we have started stress analysis, CAD work for steering, and finalizing the design of our vehicle. Now we have ordered all of the Astra’s needed materials and will soon be starting the full manufacturing process.

Electrical Team: Our electrical team has been split into software and power, and both subsystems have made a lot of progress. Firstly, Software has continued to test databases, programmed our new Raspberry Pi, and our driver HUD. For power, we have begun MPPT prototyping, and we will soon begin array testing with the MPPTs. Furthermore, our battery pack is almost completely assembled, as we are still working on the fuse configuration. Lastly, we have started prototyping our horn and lights of the vehicle.

Solar Team: As our teams are beginning to integrate more and more, our Solar team has begun working closely with the electrical team to test arrays with MPPTs and continued to encapsulate more arrays. Also, our Solar team has been working on array waterproof testing.

Business Team: As the completion of the car nears, the business team hopes to improve the marketing aspects of the car, such as improving the current website, graphics for the vehicle, design of the vehicle and team jerseys to help expand the image of the organization as a whole to the general public.

FSGP 2020 is in July this year, being hosted in Topeka, KS. The team is officially in the final stretch of building this vehicle. Our members have been working extremely hard to achieve our goals and will continue to pursue through any hardships that come our way. As always, we appreciate everyone’s support in this project, and we hope you will continue to support us as we are getting ready for the competition. Follow along with our progress and check out the improvements on our website. We will continue to update everyone so follow us on our social media!

Rock Chalk, and thank you.

Nikhil Kanukolanu // KU Solar Car Board Advisor

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