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Spring 2019 Electrical Review & Updates

Hey everyone, over the past few weeks we have been hard at work because of our timeline: Spring 2020. Also, we decided to only do blog posts every other week as the Business subteam has other duties to attend to. Last week, the Electrical subteam had their first design review, the Mechanical subteam started analyzing the safety of our car’s interior design, and the Business subteam elected a new Business Lead. Here are the updates from the teams:


The Electrical subteam conducted their first design review last week with the help from an electrical design engineer from the aviation department at Garmin. The event was very successful and the team only has two main subsystems left to design. The next step the team plans to take is to order parts to start building the smaller electrical components.


“The past week, the Mechanical subteam has been grinding to complete the analysis and design of our rear suspension as well as our chassis. We have been analyzing the torsion bar by matching our experimental data from our MTS testing with proposed loads measuring deflections. This will allow us to gauge how the wheels will move as the car takes corners, bumps, and the driver's getting in and out. For the chassis, we have been doing a preliminary 1-D BAR2 analysis of our chassis through various loading conditions simulated in MSC Adams for our front suspension. This process will allow us to refine our geometry and tube size to obtain a lighter, stronger, and stiffer chassis. This will ultimately allow the driver to have more comfort, control, and safety while making our car go further on every drop of sunshine.” - Lance Erickson


Earlier last week, the business subteam elected me, Hayden Barnes, to be the new Business subteam Lead. Our previous lead, Nikhil Biju, is transferring into the Mechanical subteam for the next couple years. With this transition, I will not be writing the blog posts anymore as I take on other responsibilities. I thank you for your support of our team, we could not do this without you.

//Hayden Barnes // KUSC Business Lead (prev. Media Director)

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