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Fall Midterm 2019 Update

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The team is making progress at full-force, and this month's update is one you don't want to miss. This month KU Solar Car secured funding, created some real-size mockups, and continued design on the crucial elements of the car.

Fall 2019 Team Photo

Progress Updates


Between testing the car's Driver HUD and sensors, the Electrical team has been quite busy. This team has broken into two groups, power and electrical, each working to ensure that the electrical parts of the car work.

The power group has been working on BPS start sequence, maximum power point tracking and battery protection system interfacing, beginning manufacturing of the polycarbonate battery pack enclosure, and finalizing designs for the battery pack.

The programming group is working on programming the driver hud, implementing speed sensors with the HUD, and hooking up CAN-BUS with the Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's that control the driver HUD.

Electrical will receive hardware and materials for the construction of a battery pack by the end of the month.


The Business team has been working on drafting up a new sponsorship funding round from LaunchKU that will begin next week. Business also worked on updating our media with the latest progress from all the sub-teams. (You'll see more of that soon.)

New members mock chassis frame


Mechanical is working to finalize designs on the chassis and suspension as well as composite panel testing. The new members of our mechanical subteam also recently finished a mock frame. This mock chassis will help with the ergonomic design of the chassis and gives us physical feedback for our overall design.

Solar team working on solar arrays for the car


The Solar team is working to put together a solar ray testing rig that we will put into continuous use going forward. The team is also developing a way to include bypass diodes into the arrays they manufacture.

// Hayden Barnes // KU Solar Car Business Lead

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