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End of Spring 2019 Semester Update

Summer is here, and the KU Solar Car continues to accelerate or should we say drive forward. Besides the Executive letter published by Michael two weeks ago, the team wanted to give the community a more in-depth update on the on "what's going on" inside KU Solar Car at the moment.


Most recently and most importantly, we were given the go-ahead to start contacting and building relationships with global businesses interested in funding KU Solar Car's ambitions. With this go-ahead, the team has already reached out to over 50 companies, and we are beginning to make partnerships with big name sponsors. (More on that coming soon...)

KU Solar Car's executive team also presented to the School of Engineering Advisory Board which consists of distinguished faculty and alumni from KU. The executive team has been bustling and arranged for a few different workspaces for building next year's car.

Sub-team updates

Recent work from the KU Solar Car business sub-team includes updates to the website, a new team logo, and other graphics and media related changes. The business sub-team will be spending a majority of its summertime continuing to email and contact executives of other businesses that might be interested in supporting the team's venture.

The solar sub-team has been working overtime to complete the first car's solar panels and arrays. Earlier in the semester doubled manufacturing speed and completed a senior’s capstone project. The solar sub-team will be spending the majority of its summertime testing the solar arrays to make sure they work to our standards and needs.

The electric sub-team is working to combine all the correct electrical components and code to make sure the first car runs smoothly. Most of the solar sub-team's summertime will be spent gathering and connecting all the parts needed. Most recently, the team has finished preparations to begin programming the driver HUD and is halfway done with finishing the battery pack design. With funding given by the Student Environmental Advisory Board, electrical will be able have a majority of the electrical components ordered during the summer to build the electrical systems by Fall semester.

The mechanical sub-team will be working on finishing the design of the car's chassis, suspension system, and making sure that the model fits competition rules, safety/ergonomics, and performance. During the summertime, the mechanical sub-team will be putting in overtime with deadlines to make sure we meet our goals next year.

All sub-teams are also planning and preparing for next year’s recruitment where we hope to add many new colleagues to our organization.

// Hayden Barnes KUSC Business Lead

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