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End of Fall 2019 Semester Update

Student-led, solar-powered, and fully funded, we, the KU Solar Car team, are progressing at a rapid pace.

Over the past months, the team finished the new exterior design for our first car, began the more prominent purchasing of materials and components for the vehicle, and successfully finished a funding campaign that will set the team up very well. (As always, our sub-team updates are below with an in-depth analysis of all the progress each team has made.)

Sub-team updates:

The business team has kept very busy, over this last month the team ran a LaunchKU campaign which resulted in raising over $10,000. During the campaign, we created four videos, over 20 social media posts, and ran updates to sponsors and the public.

This semester the business team also redesigned our website to look cleaner and more engaging. We also hit our social media growth goals and now have more explicit brand strategies. The team is currently working to secure insurance to be allowed to work on our car and for racing in Summer 2020.

The electrical team has also been remarkably busy, now that the internal components are purchased. The team has been broken into two smaller groups to focus on the power and programming of the car.

Updates from the electrical team include work on the battery pack and pack enclosure design that are nearing completion, more work on the CAN bus integration, serverside, and database work. The team is also working on their preliminary electrical design report to submit to race this summer. Went to spear power systems to make battery modules and do tests on them

The mechanical team never backs down from hard work, and they continued to prove it this semester. Most notably, the team is working on finishing the vehicle design report to be allowed to race this summer.

Mechanical has been buying and receiving many materials that they will need to construct the car. The team is working on free body diagrams right now and checking to make sure all calculations are correct under the top load conditions. The processes the mechanical team developed to build the car also being refined, and the team is currently producing a model mold of the car's design.

The solar team is doing what they do best and are now producing some of the best solar arrays ever made by KU Solar Car. The team is also spending some time to study the way we go about creating our solar arrays to clean up efficiencies and do better.

Earlier this month, the team received diodes and other parts to work with the electrical power group to start to put together the more challenging parts of the car.

Hayden Barnes // KU Solar Car Business Lead

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