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Early Spring 2020 Update

We are officially one semester away from FSGP 2020. Our team has been hard at work through winter break, and if you would like to see some updates on what we accomplished during winter break, please see this link, (or the previous blog post on our website).

We have so much more work to do before the race this summer, but we have been making lots of great progress on our car. Here are the individual progress reports for each of our sub-teams:

Business and Operations Team:

Since the founding of our organization, we struggled to gain access to a workplace for our car. That is, until now. We have officially earned access to working at Peaslee Tech, a technical school in Lawrence, KS, to manufacture our car. We plan to begin moving into and working at Peaslee Tech in the coming weeks.

This Spring Semester will be the final semester at KU for many of our members, unfortunately. To prepare for the future after FSGP 2020, we decided to begin leadership transitions early this Spring. Our vision for this organization has always been to remain a long term, a sustainable organization at the University of Kansas, and to do this, we are electing some underclassmen to lead our team.

Mechanical Team:

Since winter break, the Mechanical sub-team has been working extremely hard to finish the design of our suspension and chassis components. Before beginning the manufacturing process, we need to submit vehicle design reports to the scrutineers of the race for approval. We are currently working on this so that we can begin the manufacturing of our car as soon as possible. While this is going on, we have been ordering some materials to begin the testing process and prototyping of various systems such as composites.

Electrical Team:

Similar to the Mechanical sub-team, the Electrical sub-team has also been submitting electrical design reports to the scrutineers of FSGP. Upon achieving lots of progress on the battery pack of winter break, we are finalizing the enclosure of the overall battery pack. Additionally, our software team has been programming our Driver HUD, and our car-tracking system using Google Maps.

Solar Team:

Our Solar sub-team is still grinding away at manufacturing the solar arrays for our vehicle. We have run into some obstacles in the weeks, including looking for a new provider for some of the materials needed for our solar array manufacturing. Additionally, our Solar sub-team has been working with the Electrical sub-team to conduct some preliminary tests with the battery pack and individual solar cells.

With less than six months until the race, there is much more that our team needs to accomplish to finalize our car. We are extremely excited for the final stretch, as it will be KU Solar Car’s first-ever competition. In the coming months, we will continue to update you about our progress.

Nikhil Kanukolanu // KU Solar Car Board Advisor

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