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Astra Spring 2021 Update

This semester we have been busy getting Astra ready for the preview/unveiling event to show our progress off to faculty and students on Wednesday, May 5 and the race this summer!

So far this year all of our teams have made a lot of progress! Aeroshell completed the top shell and is currently manufacturing the final part of the bottom shell. Business has been able to get new sponsors through LaunchKU and made the official team shirts. Control systems and power distribution successfully installed BMS sensors and verified that all 53 thermistors work. Mechanical is almost done with the assembling the front suspension on the chassis. Solar has been testing all of the solar arrays and is currently making the IV Curve Tracer and integrating the MPPTs for solar array strings. Finally, Telemetry finalized the design of the driver HUD UI and is currently testing the GPS.


Aeroshell Team:

The completed fiberglass molds for the canopy part.

The aeroshell team has been making the molds of the top and bottom shells, which will surround the car to protect the driver and provide aerodynamic efficiency and the mold for the canopy.

The finished Top Shell laying on the mold

The aeroshell team has completed manufacturing the top shell that will be used to mount the solar arrays and canopy. Currently they are manufacturing the final bottom shell part using the fiberglass mold they have created.

(above) The assembled fiberglass molds for the bottom shell.

Business Team:

The business team has been hard at work getting sponsors and crowdfunding through LaunchKU! Some of the new sponsors include; Vector, Burger and Brown and Premium Resin Tech. The team has also been posting on social media for the LaunchKU crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness. Donate now at, the campaign ends on May 3rd at Noon CST. In addition, the team has designed the new T-shirts that will be used as team jerseys for the competition.

Team Jersey Design


Control Systems and Power Distribution Teams:

Recently, the electrical team disassembled the battery pack modules and reassembled back together with the electrical connections thread locked.

Battery pack wire harnessing

Once the battery pack was reassembled, the BMS Sensors were successfully installed and it verified that all 53 thermistors are working and reading temperature correctly. The electrical team is currently placing the voltage taps and building and an Aux. Box to the house startup sequence.

Disassembled battery modules and fitting the battery pack enclosure inside the chassis.

The front suspension is about 90% assembled on the chassis.

Mechanical Team:

The mechanical team is currently making sure the chassis seat will be safe as well as making sure the pivot of the wheels is exactly aligned with the control bars/suspension to eliminate bump steer.

The components of the rear suspension swing arm

The team is also finishing up the fabrication of the front suspension, and they have completed machining the components for the rear suspension and they are currently getting welded together.


Solar Team:

The progress on manufacturing two 3x1 solar arrays

The solar team has been hard at work creating all the solar arrays and testing them in the sun. The team is done with the array wiring for the 1st MPPT string of the topshell and will be unveiling it on May 5. The solar team is currently building the IV Curve Tracer and integrating the MPPTs for solar array strings.


Finalized Driver HUD UI

Telemetry Team:

The telemetry team has successfully got 4G to send and receive reliability and now the team is connecting to the can system. The telemetry team is currently testing the GPS. They also have finalized the design of the driver HUD UI.

Written by: Johnny Meehan, Kelsie Crable and Michael Srimongkolkul

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