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A letter on COVID-19 and our current status

To our sponsors, faculty, family, and friends,

Due to the increased pressure on time and COVID-19 situation, the executive team recognized we would be pushed to halt progress last week after our car construction facilities were closing down, and we recognized a need to protect the health of the team. Now, it is with great sadness that I must inform you that the KU Solar Car team will no longer be attending this year’s competitions.

Since then, the executive team has decided to change the course of KU Solar Car’s vision for 2020. Our team remains focused on completing Astra for the 2021 Formula Sun Grand Prix but will instead alter parts of our focus more on the other parts of our mission. Our focus will now emphasize the parts of our mission that are advocating for sustainable technology, promoting learning, and supporting interdisciplinary cooperation for students throughout the university.

To do so, our team has outlined specific preparations to meet our mission’s goals including (1) leadership transitions to pass on our knowledge to the younger incoming students, (2) documentation of current processes and designs for future iterations, and (3) hosting and actively getting involved with events related to sustainable technology.

As far as how close we were to our goal, we were so very close, all of the main components of our car had just arrived. All that remained was two months of manufacturing, testing, and overall integration of the vehicle.

To everyone working with, supporting, or cheering on this organization, thank you. To the seniors who worked their hearts out for this project, thank you, your work has not and will not go unnoticed.

To the team moving forward,

We will finish Astra. We will be at the next race. Keep up the great work and we will see you there.

Thank you,

Hayden Barnes // KU Solar Car Business and Operations Director

Edited by Michael Srimongkolkul & Sam Haynes

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